Thursday, January 27, 2011

fairytale :)

heyho ! :) hows everybody doing out there ? i hope everyones fine . anywhoooos , i hv been watching THE BACHELORETTE since i got nothing else to do . i mean its kinda stupid bcs who wld want to share a person with everyone rght ? oh well thts how the show rolls . however , it is very interesting . the show just ended like a week ago i thnk anddd the bachelorette who is Ali has found her true love , ROBERTO . hes just WOW , perfecto ! here a pic of them :)

lets turn it up

hola gente linda ! :) yes im back aftr days of nothing . its not tht i ddnt want to blog or anything its just tht im out of ideas wht to write . well , my life is just GUHHGREAT now i must say . im done with school , waiting fr my SPM result and absolutely nothing to do :| as hard as it is for me to admit bt i have realised tht im lifeless . hahaha . im stl not working (still searching) i have spending most of my time by watching tv , chores and horse riding . YES horse riding HEHE its awesome when youre on your horse . just you and the horse , nothing else matters . however , i fell off my horse while trotting . nothing severe though , just some bruises . heee im really looking forward to ride again this saturday . well , american idol is about to start . i better go


Sunday, January 2, 2011

just blow her a kiss

HELLO 2011 ! goshh , how time flies so fast :O anyhow , i celebrated my new year's eve with my friends till 830 then with myfamily till 2 haha . i stl have a lot to tell bt maybe next time :)

toodles !

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby why are you so HOTTT !

HELLO ALL ! gosh , its benn too long innit ? well i just finished my spm WHIPPIE ! its just awesome :) last night too was awesome cause it was PROM ! yes PROM hehe . caprice was there with nik something :p they were great hehe . however , it had to end pfft .
alrght gtg ,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


HOLLLLA ! :) omg SPM is in 2 weeks ? shooot kill me *bangbang

Sunday, October 24, 2010

no one can replace you :')

HAPPY 84th BIRTHDAY MAK :') mak is actually my grandmother and she would be 84 if she was still alive . i miss everything about her . shes the greatest . and youre always with us mak :)

love ,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bang bang shoot me )':

i got a ticket to PARAMORE ! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bt im not going cause i cant ? haihhhh soooo sad . ive been planning this since forever with athirah but now shes going alone , srry peah ;p you better tell me everything tomorrow ! ;p its okay imma go to their concert next year hehe >:) buuut im still sad , okay .

im off to feel srry fr myself ,